New Starters 2020

Do you have a child starting at our school in September?

Firstly we would like to say a big welcome to St George’s School and we look forward to meeting all of you in the near future. Due to unprecedented times, your child’s lead up to school may look a little different to previous years. However, we will endeavour to make your child’s transition to school as smooth as possible.

Sadly, due to Coronavirus we won’t be able to meet in person this year. We have created this page to share with you important information which we hope will make your child’s transition into our school easier.

We are really looking forward to September when we will welcome you to Hedgehogs. In the first week we are conducting our transition visits which we would normally hold in Term 6. These are deliberately short, an hour and half in length, to give the children an opportunity to explore the surroundings. Please watch out for an email or letter giving you more details.

If you have any specific questions please get in touch via the school office.

To begin, with we have set up this page to help communicate with all new starter parents and carers to give you as much information as we can at this time.

We are looking forward to meeting you all “virtually” for our Parent Welcome meeting.

How can I help my child get ready for school?
Being school ready involves encouraging your child to develop skills which help them to be independent and ready to learn. These skills range from eating and self-care to listening and turn taking.

The Road to School
Here are some other ideas of things you could do to help your child feel ready:

  • Walk past the school so they can see where they are going.
  • Talk about what they are looking forward to.
  • Practise getting dressed in their new uniform.
  • If their name is on a label in their clothes, show them where and what to look for.
  • Is there anything they are worried about?
  • Play games together which practise turn taking or sharing.
  • Play ‘schools’ together.
  • Give them some words/phrases to help them ask for help from an adult.
  • Practise asking to go to the toilet and going to the toilet themselves.
  • Tell your child what you will be doing while they are at school – so that they don’t worry about about you!
Please also see link below to a useful website which gives ideas of how to support your child in the lead up to starting school.
BBC Bitesize offers some great advice from professionals and some videos you can share with your child.
Please find a ‘First day at School’ game which you may find useful.