At St George’s School we offer a community with a sense of belonging to help each pupil fulfil their potential and flourish in all aspects of their personhood: physically, academically, socially, morally and spiritually.

To achieve our aims, our vision for the learning community of St George’s School, we create a welcoming, happy, caring atmosphere with high expectations, so that our children can grow and learn well.

Good behaviour is essential to allow St George’s Church of England School to flourish as a learning community that promotes the well-being of all its members. We believe that a happy and secure environment relies upon good relationships between children, staff and parents.

At the heart of our policy is our commitment to raise expectations and improve standards. We aim to promote responsible behaviour and self-discipline backed by a clear system of rewards and sanctions. We feel it is important that the children understand the need for boundaries. They should be encouraged to become participants in this process and to reflect on their behaviour both individually and collectively. Within this framework we hope that the children will contribute positively to the community appreciating the feelings and needs of others.

Positive behaviour needs to be rewarded, encouraged and taught. Positive behaviour management is based on positive and respectful relationships between children and adults. Good behaviour should be modelled by all members of the school community and encouraged always.

Good behaviour enables children to learn and teachers to teach.

At St George’s Church of England School, we aim to:

• Focus our attention on the promotion of positive behaviour and on shared responsibility for dealing with instances of unacceptable behaviour

• Provide an environment where children feel safe, secure and respected, enabling children to develop a sense of self-worth and a respect and tolerance for others

• Ensure all children are ready for learning.

• To promote a shared approach to dealing with discipline issues in school by having clear procedures as set out in this policy.

Our Christian values permeate through every aspect of school life and are promoted through our PHSE and SMSC curriculum and assemblies. Everything we do at St George’s is centred around our Christian values. The Values are displayed throughout the school in each classroom. Each month one value becomes the focus for our assemblies.

Shared values of kindness, trust, forgiveness, and respect that are known understood by all, along with quality relationships are at the heart of our school and essential for success. At St George’s School, ‘Let your light Shine’ Matthew 5:16 is central to our vision and we believe it is how everyone in our school community should seek to live their lives.

Everyone in the school community has a part to play in achieving this. We all have a shared responsibility to provide the very best learning environment for our children and so we have a set of principles that apply to everyone.

As a school we teach and support children to cope wisely with situations and people when things go wrong.

Children learn quickly that with high expectations and a consistent approach, living and learning together at St George’s School can be a calm, orderly, safe and positive experience.

Please take time to read our Behaviour Policy which can be found on our Policy page.