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Thank you for visiting our website. It is a great privilege to be the Headteacher of St George's School. I am always proud to show guests around our lovely school, please contact the office if you'd like to come and see us. We are all working on the priorities in our School Development Plan as set out below.

Michael Salisbury

Our School Development Plan for 2015-2016

At the heart of St George's School is the high level of involvement of all our pupils opinions in all our actions.

Our school council are strongly involved each year in giving input towards the School Development Plan.

1. Increased use of technology for assessment and communication to work more efficiently and contribute to sustainability. 

2. Embedding the New National Curriculum, moving fully to Age Related Expectations for the first time. 

3. Looking at our new Mission Statement  and Values (Challenging, Supportive, Fun, Trusting, Inspiring, Stimulating, Creative, Healthy, Caring, Respectful, Community, Welcoming, Safe and Calm) feeding them in to all aspects of school life.

4. Spiritual and pastoral developments including a joint review with our new priest, members of the church community, staff, children and parents about how we can better engage children in church life.


Please note that we are now using Parentpay for ordering and paying for school meals and school visits, click on the link below to use.