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ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support in School

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants: 


ELSA is a carefully targeted, educational intervention, which is carried out following a referral process.  We recognise there are challenges in supporting pupils whose learning is negatively affected by emotional difficulties. As a school we are committed to working together to ensure the inclusion, achievement and well-being of all pupils. We have staff trained in providing emotional support (ELSA's) to help children to deal with difficult emotions.


We provide 1:1 sessions with an ELSA so they can develop ways to cope with a family split or a bereavement, manage anger or to develop social skills enabling them to make friends more easily.


Whatever the concern, it's our aim to make sure the children here feel safe and happy and ready to learn.


Our ELSA's are: Mrs Nicholls & Mrs Lowe



What is Emotional Literacy?


  • Understanding and coping with the feelings about ourselves and others.


  • Developing high self esteem & positive interactions with others.


  • Being emotionally literate helps children focus better on their learning.


ELSA sessions help children in schools facing life challenges that detract from their ability to engage with learning, and some will require greater support to increase their emotional literacy than others.  


ELSA is an initiative developed and supported by Educational Psychologists.  It recognises that children learn better and are happier in school if their emotional needs are also addressed.


We are lucky enough to have two qualified Emotional Literacy Support Assistants in school.  They have been trained by Educational Psychologists to plan and deliver programmes of support to children experiencing temporary or long term additional emotional needs.  


The majority of ELSA work is delivered on an individual basis, but sometimes small group work is more appropriate, especially in the areas of social or friendship skills.  Sessions are fun, we use a range of activities such as; games, role play with puppets or arts and craft.  

Each session lasts for approx. 30-45 minutes, after 6 weeks the child's progress will be reviewed by talking to class teacher and parent.


In ELSA we aim to provide support for a wide range of emotional needs:


  • Recognising emotions
  • Self-esteem
  • Social Skills
  • Friendship skills
  • Anger Management
  • Loss and bereavement


If difficulties are primarily home-based, a family-based intervention may be more appropriate


ELSA Information leaflet for external agencies:

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