Mrs J Farndale


Mrs Farndale is a kind, caring and thoughtful person who is very good at making rules. She is fabulous at working.

Mrs K Hudson

Admin Officer

Mrs Hudson takes charge of the front door, she types up most of the letters and is always on the phone sorting out school work.

Mr T Abbott

Deputy Headteacher, Teacher - Squirrels

Mr Abbott is always busy and never stops. He teaches Squirrels.

Mrs C Westerman-Loe

S E N Co Ordinator, Teacher - Foxes

Mrs Westerman-Loe is a very hard working teacher and she likes making things. She teaches us French and she is always caring.

Mrs H Shears

Teacher - Foxes

Mrs Shears is a very fair teacher. She teaches us Maths and some great Art.

Ms K Rankin

Teacher - Badgers

Ms Rankin is very helpful and is fun, she teaches us Forest school.

Mrs S Toy

Teacher - Hedgehogs

Mrs Toy is a very jolly happy person who is very helpful, she loves books.

Mrs R Cuff

Teacher - Hedgehogs

Mrs Cuff is a very kind and caring teacher, she lets us play lots of games, and takes us to the hall for P.E.

Mrs W Moores

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moores is very nice she helps us lots in Foxes lessons and is very kind.

Mrs R Dickinson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dickinson is a kind and caring TA, she helps us in Badgers with Maths and Writing.

Miss D Karczmarczyk

Teaching Assistant

Miss Karczmarczyk is a very cheerful and helpful person, is always happy and cares for us in Squirrels lots.

Mrs L Nicholls

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nicholls helps us in Hedgehogs. She is fun and very nice and she lets us play in the construction area.

Miss P Frewer

1:1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Frewer helps in Squirrels. She is always smiling.

Mrs M Waters

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Waters serves nice dinners for us, and she is very helpful.

Mrs M Rose

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Rose helps us at lunchtimes, she also listens to readers from Squirrels and is very kind.

Miss H Travers

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Miss Travers helps us at lunchtimes in the hall. She is very jolly.

Mrs L Myerscough-Walker

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs MW helps us out at lunchtimes, she is very kind.

Mrs Helen Bedford

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Bedford helps at lunchtime.

Mrs E Travers


Mrs Travers always makes sure our school is a safe place to be, and she ensures it is always clean and tidy.

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